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My dream career as a kid was to be a designer. Extravagant fashion icons such as Jean- Paul Gaultier or Karl Lagerfeld fascinated me. I also grew up looking at the Figaro Madame my Dad would go get every Sunday morning, along with croissants and l’Equipe.

I would look at all the outfits and models, then spend the day sketching female figures with cocktail dresses on. Ironically, as I evolved as an artist, I undressed women much more than I put clothes on them. However, I never stopped incorporating fashion accessories like hats, rings and bracelets, mainly as a pretext for playing with round shapes and colors in my compositions.

Margarita is a perfect example of how these accessories connect me to the world of fashion I was surrounded with as a little girl. She represents the whimsical girl who plays with clothing, puts lipstick on and cheerfully reinvents herself in front of the mirror.

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