• 2004 Biarritz, France, ‘Brouillarta’ festival

    • 2005 Saint Jean de Luz, France, ‘Toiles de Mer’ festival

    • 2005 Maisons-Laffitte, France, city fall festival

    • 2006 Maisons-Laffitte, France, City Hall exhibit

    • 2006 Paris, France, Artclub Gallery exhibit (www.artclub.fr)

    • 2006 Biarritz, France, Roxy Quicksilver Keep a Breast; auction of a painted cast (www.keep-a-breast.org/images/fr06casts/ )

    • 2006 Coconut Grove, Florida, Mad Hatters Festival

    • 2007 Biarritz, France, MIACS Surf Art Festival

    • 2008 Coconut Grove, Miami, The Butter Gallery

    • 2010 Coconut Grove, Florida, Windischt-Hunt Gallery exhition

    • November 2011, Miami the Towers Theater, Florida, French Movie festival exhibit

    • Art Basel 2012 Exhibition of 25 paintings at the Space Lighting Studio, 282 NW 25th St Wynwood Miami FL 33127.

    • Art Basel 2012 mural on 25th street in Wynwood, Miami

    • Oct 30th 2013 exhibition of a 12-piece installation with Swisstotem for the French Week, Kavachnina Gallery in Wynnwood (www.kavachnina.com
    • Art Key West 2013, FL Giants in the City Project  http://artskeywest.com/giants-in-the-city.htm

    • Art Basel 2013 Bayfront Park Miami Giants in the City project

    • Dec 8th 2013 Digital show @ Haven ‘5 miles of art’ for Art Basel
  • Biarritz, Roxy Quicksilver Keep a Breast auction of a painted cast.
  • Huntington, New York, Splashes of Hope, Annual gala and Art Auction